Impressive Right Whale Photography

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Zooillogix has a lot of Belgian readers. This makes us uncomfortable. One such pale reader, Thomas Cordie, pointed us to some beautiful photos of right whales on National Geographic. Despite my temptation to just copy them all for you to enjoy, I'm posting one, and suggesting you take a look over there.

More NGC stuff below the fold:

i-7fa0ba710ef3faf4ae157db868f0c393-lion horse.jpg
A lion rides a horse in China for some reason.

Thanks goatrodeo.

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What's so uncomfortable about having Belgian readers?

Just saw the news on BBC, the animals in the circus are abused, and they are beaten to do what they do and people show no sympathy when they see the animals being beaten during the show.

The horse is probably terrified, this is not entertainement, it's animal abuse. God damn Chinese people are the worst to animals.

The horse probably got scratched up from the lions claws, there maybe some padding on the horse's back, but still other areas are not protected. Also what do lions eat in the wild..? Zebras and what does the horse look like? Well.. Zebras are in the horse family.

This is disgusting.

that horse looks terrified its animal cruelty

What the shit.... Chinese people are the worst.

The horse looks absolutely terrified. The lion is also very heavy to carry for the horse (aprox. 200 kg)
This is definately animal abuse!