Pig Fights Lion

That'll do pig. That'll do...

Thanks once again to Bill K.

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Wow...if I was that lion I would've just killed the pig. I'm sure getting headbutted over and over again can be irritating

By Elizabeth (not verified) on 02 Nov 2008 #permalink

This reminds me of when my small dogs head butts my Greater Swiss. He just takes it and tries to walk away. The small dog continues because she knows he isn't doing anything to stop it.
I suspect if the lioness wanted to kill the pig, she would. She may just not be hungry and sees no point in wasting future food by killing it now. Annoying as it may be to her "now", the next time the pig comes around asking for a fight, she might just give him one and eat him for dinner.

I don't know, I think it's also entirely possible that pig was giving her a run for her money. They have wicked tusks used just for the purpose of ruining someone's day, and I do'nt think the pig was headbutting her so much as running in and slashing with them. Still, if she wanted to kill him she more than likely could have.

I do like the lion's 'I'm ignoring you now' attempt. Standard cat behavior for 'I have lost control of this situation and know not what happens next.'