Introducing Katie the Intern!

Zooillogix has seen growth of 35%-40% month over month since we began the site two years ago and currently boasts 200 million readers. It only makes sense that we need a little help. We'd like to introduce you to Katie Thompson, the Zooillogix Intern Extraordinaire!


Careful, she is a certified Krav Maga instructor.

Because Katie's father was in M15, Katie's family moved frequently as she was growing up, often to exotic locations, and she found it difficult to make and keep long term friends. Her mixed racial background (Native American, Finnish, and Swazi) also fostered in her, as she says, "a sense of belonging everywhere fully, but no where partially." It was no wonder that at a young age Katie turned to animals as her sole source of comfort. Her first pet was a galaga named Sadie, that she bought from a street vendor in Kuala Lumpur. She rescued a club-footed tapir in Equador, befriended a flock of endangered cranes in Perth, and even swam, daily, with a pod of Minki whales off the coast of New Foundland. Her time spent among the Earth's creatures has given her a unique insight into their world, and ultimately into our own. Currently, Katie works for Google in their cafeteria as a sushi chef.

When Katie approached us about offering her expertise and cutting wit to Zooillogix, what else could we say? Please join us in giving her a warm welcome and look for her contributions in future posts.

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Welcome, Katie.

i can't tell if this is a joke, or some kind of sociological experiment to see what kind of response a pin-up worthy picture of an intern draws

if it's sincere, then welcome Katie! (and i apologize for not taking your photograph seriously)

I'm sure that Katie is a competent intern who will perform her appointed duties with excellence and diligence. At least I hope so if she is to handle the workload that it would take to satisfy 200 million readers. If she is up to the challenge I'm sure that she will quickly rise to the exalted position of Borg Queen.

P.S. - is that MI5 or M15? I've never heard of M15, it must be an even more shadowy branch of the British Government.

Thanks to my google goggles, I know what kind of sushi you want already.

I stand ready to Krav her Maga on demand!

By vanderleun (not verified) on 26 Mar 2009 #permalink

That quote doesn't make sense with the rest of the statements. If she feels she belongs fully everywhere, why does she need to seek comfort in animals? If a person feels a sense of belonging everywhere, they should be content. Were the parts of the quote reversed for humor?

Hi Katie! I'm not sure if this is a joke or what, but there is only room for one "Borg Queen" around here who is of mixed racial background and moved around a lot as a kid. Get yer own schtick, Katie!

But welcome though :)


Who asked her to pose like that for this picture? Thank You.

Hot Zoo!

As MattK says it is disturbing not to know if her father was in the MI5, or from M15, a globular cluster in the constellation Pegasus.

The second case would be even more exciting, though in the first case one could say more appropriately...

PS: Thanks

Hi Katie! I'm not sure if this is a joke or what, but there is only room for one "Borg Queen" around here who is of mixed racial background and moved around a lot as a kid. Get yer own schtick, Katie!

But welcome though :)