Pygmy Jerboa

Suck on this video, squares.

Thanks, Lydia.

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Wah it fell off! X3

It seems very....cleanly. Can not stop staring at it's feet. O_O

They taste like dusty monitor.

Definitely made by the same people who did the robot penguin. It's the next generation of those plastic frog toys that hop if you press down on them.

They should use it as a model for obsessive compulsive disorder.

Right out of Dr. Seuss.

It hinges between absolutely adorable and profoundly strange. Its eyes seem impossibly large. This may have to do with the adorable reaction since various "How to Draw Manga" books advise that impossibly large eyes add to the cuteness of arbitrary characters.

I cannot read the characters. Seems to be Chinese and not Japanese (no kana, but recognisable as not Korean or Vietnamese).

By Claire Binkley (not verified) on 10 Jun 2009 #permalink

At last, a rival to the platypus.

By Skeptigal (not verified) on 10 Jun 2009 #permalink

I died of Cuteness overload. Incredible! I'd love to see it hopping/jumping all over. I bet it can really go the distance with those huge legs. Loved the "tail sucking" episode.

He kind of looks pissed off. Since he appears to be a head with legs, I picture him opening a huge mouth and devouring the camera!

Looks like a cross between a chick and a gerbil.