Is that a koala in your sloth or are you just happy to see me?

I recently came across the Russian nesting doll art of Irina Troitskaya and thought I would share. Also called matryoshka, matreshka, or "those things are freaking awesome" in Russian, nesting dolls are a traditional artform from the town of Semyonov, where the land was terrible for farming, but the trees were great for nesting dolls. Irina creates her matryoshka on a per order basis only, so get in line!

"Queer Fellows"


Animals from Russian fairy tales


Set of five animals


Set of white animals


The backs of aforementioned white animals


See all her work here or her animal nesting dolls here.

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I'm thinking that the animal ones could somehow be used to teach about evolution - but it would all just probably come out horribly wrong.