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Not to be outdone by Andrew's hard hitting piece about Russian nesting doll zart (zooillogical art), I present to the world: calligraphy zart.

The following are works by the French-living, Sudan-borned zartist: Hassan Musa.

i-6e2d633f62240ae92752abc8b95c0155-Hassan Musa a-thumb-400x368-17894.png
i-5ad54c4be5f0e5206c4b495b68afde3d-Hassan Musa-thumb-400x351-17896.jpg
i-95d457c639fc71e0656a66988dfcf52a-Hassan Musa f-thumb-400x386-17900.png
i-370321b91fc827a71c6cbe77fde84613-Hassan Musa e-thumb-400x307-17898.jpg
i-9e09d1d2649c0f7444e29c87f0ff9792-Hassan Musa c1-thumb-400x286-17902.jpg

Thanks to the Sudan Artist Gallery for housing this stuff, as well as other not-too-shabby stuff.


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Now, that is really something! They are beautiful. I particularly like the zebra.

These are stunning! Is there a translation of what look like stylized Arabic texts to me?

By John Chalmers (not verified) on 26 Aug 2009 #permalink

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