Gay Sunday 2009


If you happen to find yourself in the London area this coming Sunday, stop by the London Zoo for Gay Sunday 2009. They're billing the it as the "most flamboyant event of the year." So, go out and get flaming with the flamingos. Be bearish with the brown bears. Show your pride with the lions.

Also, I hear they're having bearded pig BBQ and lowland anoa hamburgers. You're encouraged to eat all the meat related foods you can at the picnic tables set up right in front of the exhibits.

Wikipedia has a massive list of animals known to display homosexual behavior. Check it out. For some reason, the list does not include my dog. And if that's not enough, here's a great gay animal article from SEED magazine.

***I would like to add an important WARNING to this entry:
My mother recently informed me that after reading this post, she decided to do a little research of her own. Thanks to googling "gay animals" and some innocent link clicking, my parents' computer contracted a virus that crashed the whole thing. She had to explain why she was searching "gay animals" to my brother who managed to fix the computer. He remains weirded out.***

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Is that one of PZed's tentacles on bottom right of the image?