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I'll try to get the third installment on normal flora "basics" up tomorrow, before I spend Wednesday at Darwin Day events here in Iowa City and then the next few days at AAAS in San Francisco. In the meantime, in case you've not come across it yet, John Wilkins has been keeping an updated list of "Basics" posts here; new and notable for readers here include Shelley's post on prions and Jeremy's on ecology.

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This is just a brief announcement to inform everyone that, as part of a project to update and improve the Skeptics' Circle main site, I've updated the link list in the sidebar to cull broken links, add several new skeptical blogs that I've come across (or older skeptical blogs that I've never…
I mentioned in the Introduction to Microbiology and Infectious Disease that many people don't understand the difference between a commensal and a pathogenic organism. I also mentioned that I'd try to write something about microbial ecology. Since I just gave a lecture yesterday on normal human…
It's "vacation"--sort of. Thanks to the magic of scheduled posts, even as this pops up I'm probably somewhere in central Illinois at the moment. I'll be in Ohio for a few days to play with my new nephews, and yet a third new nephew who was just born this past weekend. Then it's off to D.C. for a…
My SciBling John Wilkins is regularly updating the list of 'Basic Terms and Concepts' posts (which you should check dilligently every day!), at least until a more permanent repository is made. Today, he included my Lecture #13 on Current Biological Diversity on the list, though my reposting of it…


I read your blog regularly as a great source of epidemiology news for a non-epidemiologist. I live in SF, and will be at the AAAS Meeting.

Do you need a list of good restaurants in SF (avoid the Fisherman's wharf tourist trap: try Cafe Bastille or Plouf or Lulu's)

By No Longer a Ur., etc (not verified) on 13 Feb 2007 #permalink

Hiya! Sure, if you want to shoot me an email with some suggestions, I'd appreciate it. The conference takes place at the Hilton San Francisco and Towers on O'Farrell street, so anything in that neighborhood would be particularly helpful.

Tara, emailed you at the aetiology gmail address.

Have a safe and enjoyable trip.

By No Longer a Ur., etc (not verified) on 14 Feb 2007 #permalink