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A few other topics readers here may appreciate:

First and foremost, this week's Grand Rounds can be found over at Over my med body!. Next week, however, it will be hosted right here at Aetiology for the second time, so send your posts along to me (aetiology AT gmail DOT com), preferably by Sunday evening.

Pediatric Grand Rounds also had a new edition over the weekend, which can be found over at Shinga's Breath Spa for Kids.

National Geographic's July cover story is on malaria--a really good read. (via Panda's Thumb).

Matt Nisbet was late to the scientists and journalists conversation. He offers quite a few references that he's used on the topic previously.

Orac has much more information on the Uncommon Descent silliness I mentioned yesterday.

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Unfortunately, the National Geographic article is being used by some of the "pro-DDT/Rachel Carson is the Antichrist" folks as proof they are right.

I am very unhappy at the tone of the remarks in that article. I would expect them not to repeat some of that drivel, or to at the very least put it in context.

Thanks for the PGR link. When I was putting it together, I did find myself thinking, "I wonder what Tara would make of the diaper and microbiota study".

Sort of off topic, but it has been pointed out recently that breaking email addresses into "XXXX at XYZ.com" is actually a really bad idea. Google won't allow the "@" symbol as an operator, but it's trivial to search for a textualized domain such as "comcast dot net." This makes it even easier for spammers to harvest millions of active email addresses by writing a simple search script and letting Google itself so the heavy lifting. Just thought you might like to know.