A belated Halloween Tangled Bank

_Paddy K_ hosts the "eighty twelfth" edition of Tangled Bank, proving once again that you can never go wrong when you combine partying + scientists + nerdy science bloggy goodness.

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Yes, it's me again, my peeps. I am once more reminding you to send me something for my issue of Tangled Bank, which will be published here on 15 March! I have already received half a dozen articles, but of course, I want more because the public is hungry to read and learn more about science!…
Tangled Bank, Darwin or Wallace edition, is (finally) up on Thoughts From Kansas. There is something wrong with the intended host's website, so Josh volunteered to save the carnival and did a splendid job at such short notice.

Would the Tree man fit in?

(Not trying to be cruel, but I thought you might not have seen this.)