What do you get when you mix....

... (L-R) Scienceblogs' own rabblerouser, PZ Myers; Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy; myself; and birthday boy Evil Monkey, along with a host of other science bloggers and readers (including some self-identified in the comments in PZ's and Phil's posts)? A nerdalicious Saturday evening in DC, that's what. We arrived a bit late and so missed some of the festivities, but I did get to chat with both PZ and Phil a bit, and hear some stories about Phil's upcoming book. I did not, however, get the memo on the dress code, and sadly left my blue button-up-over-a-T-shirt-sporting-a-button combo back here in Iowa. D'oh!

So, I'm once again playing catch-up, and my "real" work and family come first, but there will be new material tomorrow. Any comments that were sent to the spam folder have also been published.

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Thanks for updatating us - it looks like a lot of work, mixed with a little fun. I have to ask though - why the baseballs in the background?

We met up at a sports bar 'n' grill in the Holiday Inn, I think it was.

Yeah, because although we locals suggested lots of places with good atmosphere and locally-brewed beer, PZ and Phil decided to be lazy and have the meetup in the hotel where they were staying.