Shocking. Truly.

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It seems the producers of Expelled have gone back to the drawing board regarding their screenings. Last week I signed up for the April 3rd screening in Tempe. It now turns out that it has been canceled:Due to unavoidable changes in the travel plans of the producers of "Expelled", several of our…
Remember the e-mail I received stating that tonight’s Expelled screening in Tempe was canceled? The e-mail simply stated: The Tempe, AZ Screening has been canceled. Well, Ken McKnight called the theater today two or so hours before the screening. Ken says: I just called the Arizona Mills Harkins…
Look at this: the Expellers are lying again. In this case, they're screening people who've asked to attend showings, and then, instead of just telling them that they are not invited, they're being cowardly and telling them that the screening has been cancelled. It's so pointless — they could just…
The other night, I wrote about how the painfully inept and just plain dumb actions of the producer of Expelled!, the neuron-apoptosing movie that's basically an extended argumentum ad Nazium against the dreaded "Darwinism" that blames Hitler, Stalin, and, apparently, puppy hatred on Charles Darwin…

religious people stll shock you?

Shocking! Just Shocking! Tara got out of writing her own stuff again!!!!

We're shocked and not-surprised all at the same time! Truly!

They lied about the viewing time too? That's double shocking: A bona fide Creationist Conspiracy!

Did I mention how shocked I am? I'm gonna go split-screen on 60 Minutes and Hannity and Colmes the next 48 hours to make sure I don't miss the shocking fall-out from this.

Anyone actually know what Claus Jensen does for a living?

Yup I do he does product testing on keyboards!! 18 hour's a day!! Dali Lama HIV measles he does it all. Click-Clausety Click Click Click!!

Dal(a)i Lama?!

Yup I do he does product testing on keyboards!! 18 hour's a day!!

Ouch. What does that mean about me? I've been commenting here just as much as (MEC?) recently.

By ElkMountainMan (not verified) on 08 Apr 2008 #permalink

OOPS, Dalai Lama, I was thinking on the sur-realist holy man!!

Adele, I got that. What I didn't get was by what surreal train of association Salvador Dali, Dalai Lama or both bubbled up from that swampy Central Nervous System thingie that directs. . . whatever it is you type with.


That link is awesome. It looks like the guy wrote a review of his own book and refers to himself in the third person. That's a pretty good sign of crackpottery. A little research on the publisher (Personhood Press) reveals some real hilarity, too.

Thanks for that, I needed the laugh.

A little research on the publisher (Personhood Press) reveals some real hilarity, too.

Scientific community in action. Like the guys who refused to look through galileo's telescope, people today do research on the publisher instead of reading the proposed text. If you point at a new moon, people look at your finger and more often than not want to bite it off.
Religion or science, the reactions are the same.


You seem to have missed half of my comment. I don't need to read the book. The author revealed himself a kook on the website.

The publisher stuff was just me trying to see who would publish that nonsense.

I don't need to read the book.

Of course, no need to tell me. We must stick to our peers, my friend, much safer. One might feel some quite uncomfortable thoughts of doubt starting to pop-up out of nowhere and end up as some kind of heretic. My biggest fear!