In the field...

Back out swabbing today (noses this time, not asses). Heading out with 3 grad students who've never done field work before, so should be a fun day. Meanwhile, just got another manuscript submitted last night; that makes four currently under review with still a few other in draft. In the meantime, don't feel [or feed--TS] the troll(s)--I'll be back to clean up when I can.


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You said don't feel the trolls, but I think you mean don't feed them, hell, some of them feel quite nice.

By rarus.vir (not verified) on 16 Jul 2008 #permalink

Feed? Oh yeah, that makes more sense.

Damn, what am I going to do with all these latex gloves?

Ha! That's what I get for writing up a quick post at 2AM...

But the trolls have such luxurious furry heads and make such delightful pencil-toppers - one can't help but feel them. Of course, then they bite and poop all over and you have to call Animal Control to neuter them and put them back under their bridge so they don't breed or otherwise disturb the ecosystem. Or put them in a jar, punch holes in the lid, drop in a lettuce leaf and a few hairs to split, and they'll be fine.

4 papers? Nice work. Hope they get up.

Unnh... I know this is a little out of my field, Tara, but... I think the nose is at the other end... unless, of course, that is a really long swab!

By Jack Bunce (not verified) on 18 Jul 2008 #permalink

4 papers? Nice work. Hope they get up.

Indeed. I have about four manuscripts, a clinical trial protocol, plus a section of the CCSG application that I have to work on, and I find all my other stuff is interfering with getting these things written.