Want One of My Paintings? Here's How to Get One

Amazingly, it's already the last week of the DonorsChoose fundraising drive! SEED has generously kicked in matching funds for each blogger, which enabled me to contribute to several more projects - but we only have a total of $1,026 so far. That's much less than Chad is getting for promising to dance like a monkey.

Honestly, I'd dance like a monkey too, but none of you wants to see that, I promise you. I have no rhythm whatsoever.

So here it is, readers: I'm going to do something to persuade you to donate, too. I'm going to give away a painting. A new, original, watercolor painting that I am working on right now. It's halfway done, in fact. What exactly is this mystery painting I'm doing to thank you, loyal readers? Well, the previous post is a clue. . . more to come.

Over the next four days, the person who gives the most generous donation to my DonorsChoose challenge will win the original, signed painting. I have no idea what that maximum donation will be, so this painting could end up being a total bargain!

But those of you with smaller budgets deserve thanks, too. So the rest of you - regardless of the size of your donation - will be entered into a drawing to receive one of three signed, unique inkjet prints of the painting. That's right: a very limited edition of three signed prints. I'll never make another print of this 2008 DonorsChoose Challenge painting again: this is true ephemera!

So far I have only six (thank you!) donors, and there are only four days left in the challenge. That means your odds are very, very good. (And remember - even if you don't win my painting, you'll get a shot at one of SEED's prizes.)

I paint slowly, and I'll be spending many hours over the next couple of weeks completing this painting for you. So please, make it worth my while. (Make it worth at least a fraction of a physicist Monkey Dance, for heaven's sake!)

Here's all you need to do to get your shot at winning the painting. First, donate to my challenge. Then, when you receive your confirmation email from DonorsChoose, including the amount of your donation and the project you chose, forward it to me (bioephemera at gmail.com) so I know you've given. That's all you need to do - if you win, I'll ask for your mailing address.

Now let's help some kids!

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Alas John, all you need to do is drop by my bellydancing class to see that. (In fact, I dance less like a primate and more like an intoxicated rhino.)

But I will never make a YouTube dance video, so the painting is all you get. Take it or leave it!


Great project and I'd love to participate, but lacking a credit card, what can I do?

I mean really - what can I do? Isn't there a more PayPal-y way to donate?

You're right, Sebastian - they really ought to be allowing PayPal. I am generally a bit disgruntled when I can't use that option online myself. :(

DonorsChoose does take checks, but your donation wouldn't make it in time for the blogger challenge, which ends Friday. I'll look into if there is any other way to do it and if I come up with something I'll post a comment here.

Awesome! Wish I could enter but I think it would be some sort of breach of ethics...