Because unlike hurricanes, volcanoes are fuzzy, pink, and cute?

As a native of Washington State, where we could literally scoop white ash off the ground in handfuls after Mt. St. Helens erupted in 1980, I have one thing to say about Bobby Jindal's totally disingenuous dig at "volcano monitoring": if geoscience is such a big waste of money, sure, let's stop monitoring volcanoes - and hurricanes, too. That okay with y'all?

I wonder what Jindal's fellow Republican governor Sarah Palin thinks of his advice, given that Alaska's Mt. Redoubt may erupt any day. . .

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I don't know what Sarah thinks but I think Mt. Redoubt might be our only chance to never hear from her again.

I think it is very important for each of us to take personal responsibility for geothermal tectonic activity! Eleventeen fucktillion gigajoules of magmatic energy is no match for the home-spun down-to-earth common-sense ingenuity of real hard-working Americans!

Sometimes I just want to gather all sensible Americans together in big brawny celestial Canadian lumberjack arms and bring you up here to the Great White North where you can watch the hurricanes and volcanoes and idiocy wreak havoc from a safe position.

But you need to stand fast against the tide.

(The idiocy tide, get the hell away from volcanoes and hurricanes.)