The Drake: Goth-est light fixture ever?

i-98b4606b53c1a90235ba2dc4a415e294-Picture 1.png

Yup, that's a flying bat gripping a lamp in its mouth, with his buddy, a coiled snake, crawling along above him. And it's not a faux-Victorian, nouveau-Goth creation - it's a replica of an actual late 1800s fixture, by eclectic lighting company Rejuvenation. Seriously - over a hundred years ago, someone thought this was the greatest lamp evah! I'm not sure I'd actually choose the Dracula-esque Drake fixture for myself, mind you; not only is it more than $2K, I think you need a very special space for this 45" long creation. Like a living room designed by Edward Gorey. But if you've got that. . . go for it!

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That's pretty cool, Jessica! It's almost as if the bat is hovering for a short time, dangling that lamp, as if to say "I know what you're reading is important, but I can't stay long!"

Rejuvination is a Portland company, so being married to a residential remodeling architect I find myself in the home store a lot. I'll have to keep my eyes open for the batty dude....

I actually live in a house that is over 150 years old and at the top of the stairs in the upper hall is an authentic Drake light. Someone one removed the serpent (which I am happy about). It is so long because it hangs from ceilings that are 11 1/2 ft tall. I am able to just reach up and turn it off. Of course, it can now also be turned off by wall switch. We get very mixed reactions in our very traditional home. People either think it is awesome or they are scared of it.

By Old house lady (not verified) on 19 Nov 2009 #permalink