The clock-work heart


Fixed Heart
offal with mixed metal components
Lisa Black, 2008

I blogged about New Zealand artist Lisa Black before, but I can't get over this great piece of hers. What does it signify? Does it represent the gradual replacement of the natural world around us with technology, to the point where our own bodies become artificial? Is it critiquing the reductionist tendencies of neurobiologists who believe our deepest emotions are complex but purely chemical reactions? Is it a steampunk Valentine? I don't know, and I don't really care - it's just cool.

Check out more from Black here.

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I had never heard of Lisa Black before seeing your post but you can now add me to her list of fans. She creates very strange but very thought provoking imagery. Thanks for blogging about her.

Fantastic - the first thought I had was that with only a small part of the clock works showing she was saying that the heart is like a clock, once the mainspring runs down it stops... tempus fugit

Dang-- I would have enjoyed that a lot more if I hadn't seen it while eating breakfast.