Gift Idea: Endangered Parrots of The World Chess Set

Endangered Parrots of the World Chess Set [larger view].

Do you know someone who loves chess, art and parrots? If so, you might wish to start saving your money now for a Christmas gift that they would probably love: an Endangered Parrots of the World Chess Set.

This environmentally-friendly hand-made Chess Set was created by Grant Dawson Collections in the United States from certified sustainable North American hardwoods (walnut and maple) and food safe natural finishes, with recycled glass ball feet, and features 32 lead-free pewter playing pieces finished in 24k gold or sterling silver. The board is finished with a gold-plated Laelia xanthina orchid border. This is an endangered orchid that blooms in November and December.

This set is also available with hand-painted enamel chess pieces (pictured). Each playing piece fits carefully inside the box for storing or transporting. This lovely chess set is yours for only $5,000 -- a steal!

I admit, I am smitten.

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They should have used a pair of Eclectus as the king and queen.

If you suggest that to them, will they give you a free set?

Kakapo are a bit skinny. It looks like the poor things have been starved... ...and mounted in an unlikely pose. But I'd still love to have this!

By Matty Smith (not verified) on 16 Jun 2009 #permalink

Oops, it just occurs to me: those are probably kea? If so, it's a pity such an amazingly unique bird as the kakapo missed out.

By Matty Smith (not verified) on 16 Jun 2009 #permalink

there's a bit of difficulty with regard to knights and rooks in that picture.

Bill beat me to it, a couple of the birds have moved illegally. I'm smitten too, but not $5,000 smitten. Perhaps you should have a giant chess tournament with this set as the grand prize and all entry fees to go to organizations fighting to save the birds.

if they are kea (that's my guess) they would have been more identifiable if they had a windshield (windscreen?) wiper blade in their beaks.

I hope the pawns & rooks(?) of each side are easier to distinguish in person than they are above.

Not only do the rook & knight have some role-playing issues to work out, but almost every piece in that photo except a few pawns has gone wayward.

Fun question to ask the photographer & layout designer for the above pic: what color should, say, the bottom-right corner of a chessboard be?

By Pierce R. Butler (not verified) on 16 Jun 2009 #permalink