Goth bio geek fashion alert


On how many chilly fall days have you woken up and thought to yourself, "it's too cold for bare legs and too warm for wool tights - I need some vintage cell division illustration leggings"?

Okay, maybe never - but now you will.

From regeneration's etsy shop. Thanks to Laura for the heads up!

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For me the Fall question is socks or no socks. If I could find fluffy socks with old scientific illustrations, they would be on my birthday and secular mid winter fest list every year.


If I wasn't scraping money from the couch cushions to buy food I'd be all over those.
I'm saving those in my bookmarked pages and hopefully I can convince a nice realtive to get them for my birthday.

I hear you, Esmeralda, on the scraping money from couch cushions - I have a pair of boots at Zappos that I keep looking at, and looking at, and looking at, and saying. . . argh. No. Too expensive. Why is style so costly??!?