What You're Made Of


What You're Made Of (ABS)
Jason Freeny, 2009

Anatomy teachers: this would be an awesome quiz for your students, wouldn't it? :)

Jason Freeny is the digital artist behind Balloon Animal anatomy, Gummi Bear anatomy, and the dissected Gingerbread Man. Visit his site to see more! Via SheWalksSoftly.

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OH! That is so fantastic! I loved plastic airplane models when I was little, and my favorite part was when all the little pieces were still together in the molded unit.

Once I started removing them and filing off the flash and painting them and assembling them, my complete and utter incompetence revealed itself, and the final product was always a misshapen, glue-covered mess.

But when all the pieces were still in their places, I could enjoy the aspirational pleasure of the final product.

Of course for Fundies you would need male and female versions since they seem to be convinced that males have one lees rib. Otherwise it would be seen as a Evilutionist conspiracy.

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