Beautiful hunger

Via 1o9, a timelapse BBC video of hundreds of unbelievably colorful Antarctic invertebrate species swarming and devouring a seal carcass. It's beautiful but somewhat graphic - be warned, some people may find the giant worms in particular rather skin-crawling. (And I thought I overindulged at Thanksgiving. . . )

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Various of the lefty blogs are suggesting that we only eat turkey on Thanksgiving because of tradition, and that turkey is actually a tasteless hunk of protein. I must conclude that Ezra, Matt, and the rest of these barbarians are insane. (Though Ezra's braising proposal isn't altogether bad.)…
Watch this spectacular time-lapse video of echinoderms and nemertine worms eating a seal carcass. It's sure to stir your appetite.
A restoration of the crocodyliform Goniopholis scavenging a stegosaur carcass. Photographed at the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point, Utah.
So, today, we engaged in the traditional Black Friday activity of, um, going to the park and chasing birds: SteelyKid and The Pip scaring geese with their swords at the park on the day after Thanksgiving. It was an unbelievably warm day for late November-- if you look closely, you can see that…

Very cool post!

By Mike Olson (not verified) on 30 Nov 2009 #permalink

I loved the starfish and hated the worms. Funny how we are attracted solely by the shapes of things.

I loved the oboe solos and even the clarinet inclusion in the soundtrack of this clip. The aural inclusion is almost as pleasing as the observation of the beauty of scavengers devouring the sea lion.

Amy, it would also be the colours. The starfish were pretty colours and cute with their turned up arm tips. Inspiring.

The mass of squirminess reminded me a bit of the stuff from the basement in the British, stop-animated series 'Trapdoor'.