Rave launder your terrestrial service

For the annals of humorous translation mistakes, this package from a digital antenna we bought last fall promises to . . . do something. I'm not sure what.


For John O, who enjoys terrible advertising.

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"Rave launder" is possibly "have launched." (That's what the otter told me.)

I'm picturing a bunch of hipsters on ecstacy in a laundromat. More importantly, which one of the bloggers in that comic strip are you? Are you the one in the striped shirt getting a fucking noogie from Sharon Astyk?

I think so, although A) I would not be caught dead in a horizontally striped leotard (they're *so* not flattering!) B) my hair is almost black and C) I have never had a hostile exchange with Sharon Astyk, but if I did, I think my industrial, BGH meat-fed self would win. But the bangs look like my old bangs did (I now have punk-Amelie bangs), so I'm guessing yes. It's not like I've met Joseph Hewitt, so I don't expect a close likeness. :)

I otter you the most, regardless of convenience.

By Kerry Maxwell (not verified) on 15 Mar 2010 #permalink