Modern armor - plus a tentacle necklace

Style Bubble has some snapshots of luxe skull- and carapace-inspired jewelry by Dominic Jones. You've just got to love a crocodile skull vambrace!

i-98b4606b53c1a90235ba2dc4a415e294-Picture 1.png

i-803d56bdaefa6466de143a5b6969bf83-Picture 2.png

See more snaps at Style Bubble.

Via Haute Macabre - you musn't miss their other recent post on Dominic Jones' work for Vice Magazine. Here's a teaser:


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So true! I was going to say that the tentacle necklace is the best justification for the obligatory Bitchy Model Expression that I've seen in a long time.

those other pieces on the haute macabre site are amazing too- I especially like the snails necklace. I hope they didn't mind having thier shells pierced.

Where did your movie peep post go?

For an exhibition I was in last year, the curator got her friend to pose with an artwork (by the curator who was also in the show) on her head and raw octopus tentacles draped over her upper face. Though it didn't encapsulate what the show was about it was a very memorable image and I guess that was what she was going for.

Saw this at another blog and thought of you :)