Tentacular Place Settings!


Anthropologie's new From the Deep collection features cobalt blue tentacles reaching over the edge of a dinner plate while an octopus broods on the salad plate.


There are even suckers on the teacup handles!


You can Life Aquatic it up quirky-collage-style with the coordinating dishes featuring collaged fish, stripes, and disproportionately tiny ships, but I'm a purist: I WANT a set of those three tentacular pieces. If I were only getting married so this could be my pattern. . . sigh.


From the Deep collection at Anthropologie.

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Someone is trolling for PZ. ;)

Right. . . because I've been "trolling for PZ" since 2007. I loved octopuses/pi long before I ever heard of PZ; see, e.g., the "cephalopodmania" category I've had since I started the blog. . . ;)

i have no idea what a PZ is, but I WANT THOSE DISHES!

You know how some people get married solely to obtain citizenship? I don't know why more people aren't getting married solely to obtain a complete set of awesome place settings.

(If anybody's interested ... "call me")

I couldn't find those particular plates on their site, but they do have a wallpaper called Octopus Garden, with a pattern that looks like large flowers from a distance, but is actually made up of octopuses and jellyfish, so I'll settle for that instead!

Despite the fact I was a squid for six years I'm not a cephalopod fan. But, this is really cool. These dishes take an interest and not only put it out there but make it look very classy. If only the same thing could be done for RBC's or Fibrinogen...:D

By Mike Olson (not verified) on 13 Apr 2010 #permalink

Classy! I need fewer dishes, not more, and there's no way that these go with anything in my house, but even *I* want these.

Esmeralda, I hear you - that's why I blog about these things, so YOU have to suffer with me! Bwah hah ha ha ha!


fuchsoid - you should be able to get there by clicking the link in the post ("from the Deep Collection"). I just checked it and it worked. However, the octopus salad plate is already out of stock, though they claim more will become available. . . . WAAAAHHHHHHH I am totally not going to get to have them. (Excuse me while I compose myself.)

I concur, the octopus set is the best in the From The Deep collection. That is the coolest teacup I have ever seen! [grabby hands]