More Elitism

An article from the Buffalo News offers some fuel for the "elitism fire". From Ohio, we learn of voter George Pounder:

Pounder looks at Obama and sees a Harvard-educated lawyer who talks in fancy words that don't necessarily resonate with the guys on the factory floor.
"We're basically blue-collar Democrats, here, and it doesn't seem like he's for us" Pounder said. "He doesn't relate to the working man, to the union man. He never got his hands dirty once in his life."

Wait a minute. Obama doesn't relate to the working man but McCain does? What? Have you ever read about their backgrounds? And since when is an Ivy League education a bad thing or having a decent vocabulary something to denigrate? Am I on Bizzaro World?

Damn that Obama! He's too edjumacated! We measure the worth of a man by the amount of dirt under his fingernails, not by the strength of his ideas and efforts!

Mr. Pounder voted early, and for the record, he left the "For president" slot blank.

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"Since when is an Ivy League education a bad thing or having a decent vocabulary something to denigrate?"

When dealing with hicks. Welcome to democracy. Now ask yourself if it's really a good thing that every primate judged to be a human being gets to cast a vote for President.

By Crack Pipe Lenny (not verified) on 03 Nov 2008 #permalink

Nice ta see ya back, CPL.

By Bill from Dover (not verified) on 03 Nov 2008 #permalink

What makes him think "working people" don't like to hear things expressed well?

By offended caveman (not verified) on 03 Nov 2008 #permalink

Maybe I'm too young (34) but I don't recall a time when a vocabulary was respected by anyone who wasn't a teacher, a professor, or a geek.