Poll: Do You Agree With Gay Marriage Bans?

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I don't know that I should be encouraging the troop at Dr. Joan Bushwell's Chimpanzee Refuge to compete with me, but OK, it's a poll, anyone can join in. This one asks, Do you agree with the gay marriage bans?. It does have an interesting twist, in that the poll also displays the states of…
You know who is really unhappy about NY's gay marriage law? "Religious leaders", of course. Religious leaders slammed the state's new gay marriage law on Saturday, vowing to ban politicians who supported the measure from any Catholic church and parochial school events. The city's top Catholic…
Here's a bit of a surprise. In California, our Supreme Court legalized gay marriage. Opponents quickly arranged a ballot proposition to reverse the ban. Support for the ban has been slipping, from almost 50% earlier in the year, to 42% in July, and now to 38% in the latest Field Poll. Mark…
Good news for fairness, justice and equality: California has made gay marriage legal. It's a small triumph for civil rights. Now to celebrate, I don't expect you all to run out and marry a same-sex partner — I think my wife would object, and I'm really not in the market — but wouldn't you know it?…

Would have been happy with a 57% No yesterday.

What's behind the ban is cruelty, and nothing more. The backers want to stick it to people who will never be able to stick it to them. You've no doubt heard Samuel L Jackson's narrated ad. Armenians, blacks, and Japanese got it stuck to them because they could never strike back.

How would illegal immigrants ever get back at their oppressors? How would gays ever get even?

All of these tie together as the same damn thing, simple mean-spirited cruel bullies striking out at those who cannot retaliate.

The map of yes/no responses by state is enigmatic at first, but I have a hypothesis to explain it.

There are the following answers:

1) Yes, I agree with gay marriage bans.

2) No, I don't agree with gay marriage bans.

3) I'm too dumb to understand the double negative so I see "Gay Marriage" and I vote "No."


hit me with your rhythm stick.


hit me with your rhythm stick.

No more Bonobo GG rubbing!