12 Months Meme

Today is "Year in Review" day in which I post my predictions and my evaluation of last year's, but first, here's a meme I stole from the fabulous Dr. Isis in which I list the first blog post of 12 months, plus the first sentence of each blog post. I figure they'll make something really strange, which is always good. BTW, all of these are from ye olde blogge which is still alive and kicking, so if you'd like to read more of me (as though this weren't enough ;-)), you can go there.

My New Year's Resolutions came 'round (and were kept about as well as all new year's resolutions)

One of the best things about the blog is that if I write something down here, there's a good chance someone will remember and bring it up again, and thus, my forgettery, which works extremely well, especially for things I'm not that enthused about, cannot take over.

"Slugs and Floods in Paradise: The first Thing You Need to Know about Gardening"

It was the only time in my life I can remember thinking that "I can't look" wasn't just an expression.

March: "A Seussian Paradigm Shift" In which climate change, the economic crisis and Dr. Seuss's birthday all come together in my mind.

I once read an incredibly entertaining literary critical analysis of _The Cat in the Hat_ which began from the premise that all the action in TCITH is an attempt to fill up the overwhelming absence of the mother from the scene.

April: Some Seriously Good Sh...Er Manure: My Meditations on the Value of Poop and Cleaning out the Barn.

My last post was rapturous about springtime, and it is a time of rapture and delight, especially in cold places.

May:My First Independence Day Update of the Year

This was not my best week - I was in the North Country in the Adirondacks last weekend, got back late on Sunday, and left town again for Maine on Wednesday afternoon, and, of course, it is a tough time to be away from the garden.

June: "On a Tightrope Without a Net" I explored the continuing destruction of safety nets for those who are struggling with the economic crisis.

The sum total of today's news adds up to "the continuing story of the destruction of our protective safety nets."

July: I talk about Housewifely Virtues, and why we should value them (because we should value women and the work they have traditionally done), although we also note that Shameless Hussies should be accompanied by Shameless Hubbies doing their full share. We then move on to why it is extremely useful to be able to do some kind of handwork in low light conditions.

"When I was a girl, my grandmother once tried to explain to me why she kept trying to teach me to knit and crochet."

August: Another Independence Day Update, at the height of the garden - in the worst gardening year in 20 years.

We've had a definite improvement from earlier in the season, when it rained every day. Now, it rains every other day.

September: "Waiting for the Next Wave of Farm Bankruptcies" I respond to the USDA projection that net farm income will drop 38% in 2009 and 15% over 10 years. None of the implications are good.

Here's something we definitely can't afford - more farmers driven out of business. And we're about to get it.

October: I explore the urgent need for Urban Right-To-Farm Laws and suggest a national standard for basics like front yard gardens and backyard chickens.

One of the things I've been saying for a long time is that we're going to need to address zoning questions early in the process of adaptation

November: In "Why Not Change" I look at a World Bank Study on why people don't make lifestyle changes and offer some different explanations than the ones they give.

Interesting paper from the World Bank about why people aren't making more life changes in relationship to climate change.

December: Variety recommendations for seeds that we love - fun stuff!

Because I am on the mail and email list of every seed company in creation, I am spending a lot of time trying not to read plant variety descriptions. You see, I have other things to do. But it is hard.

Re-read 'em and weep - or whatever ;-).

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You have so many good blogs - it was interesting to see what came up first each month. I think the July one on housewifely virtues is a classic though and one you should reprint from time to time.

Thanks for all the hard work this year in challenging us, sharing your life, and just being there for us.

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