New New Haven?

I'll be there this weekend for the first ever Urban Adapting-In-Place event - I'll be speaking on Friday night about urban adaptation and on Saturday a whole host of local resources will come together to talk about New Haven's future. I think it will be absolutely wonderful, and I hope you will be there!


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Nope, won't be there; a tad far off for my bicycle or horse (or currently moribund Subaru...)

But; this sounds like the perfect group to tackle the job I suggested way back in the early days of No Impact Man (07)- an Urban Foxfire project.…

I hope you'll consider bringing that concept up in a serious way. There ARE still grandmas and grandpas who remember living urban and poor during the Depression, but they're disappearing fast. Besides the information, there's the powerful community building aspect of this kind of project, beautifully shown by the original Foxfire work.

GREAT news for us city dwellers, whose concerns are often met with either derision or unrealistic suggestions to immediately purchase country property somewhere. I am most interested in hearing about suggestions for heating in multi-unit rental property - we can hardly start punching holes in walls to add wood burning stoves, and many leases specifically limit use of propane heaters, etc. We can grow (at least) a portion of food on balconies, cook outside, and open windows to cross ventilate, but heat in the chilly North is a SERIOUS issue. Thanks!

By Other brotherdarryl (not verified) on 20 Oct 2010 #permalink

My mom and I are planning to attend! Just have to break it to my husband that he's babysitting :) We're 15mins from New Haven. Our area's not urban, but we're close enough for this to be really meaningful.