I Knew I Could Count on My Readers...

In my recent essay "300 Years of Fossil Fuels and Not One Bad Gal" I wrote:

...a narrative in which women's entry in the workforce is responsible for our dramatic rise in fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions can look superficially like a tool for those who would prefer that women go back home and come out of the workforce, and would like to blame feminists and feminism for our present ecological disaster. Indeed, if no one has come up with this ideological claim yet, I'm sure it is only a matter of time before someone explains earnestly to me how wimmen's rights are destroying the planet.

I knew it would be only a matter of time before people emailed with examples of this ideological claim being made, and indeed, I got several of them. My favorite, however, was this poster, sent to me by kind reader John LeDoux, and apparently produced by "Evil Conservative Industries."


I knew I could count on all of you!


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There it is. The war's over--screw Rosie the Riveter.

I truly love that poster. Where can I get a full sized one, to put up on the wall?

There is also a growing movement among evangelicals to cite the green movement as evil, inspired by Satan:


It would be a fascinating project, for some enterprising college kids, to do a study of how many of these posters could be sold, in various communities - with a straight face. I guarantee there would be plenty would would see them as right on target.

Hey, Greenpa, they *are* right on target. Except for the linkage to gender. I think the earth would profit greatly by one spouse or partner staying to take care of the home and local economy... eh?

Hi, Vera - well, sure. You're probably remembering that conversation back there where I was contending that the Household is, absolutely, the real Primary Economy; from which all else descends and derives. Sure, I still think so.


But is, of course, a long way from "now, now, little lady, ya'll just stay thar in the kitchen where ya belong, and everything will be lovely!" :-)


I imagine there are many congregations that shun criticism from the congregation. Questions about moral issues regarding the environment, especially from passionate environmentalists, likely look like devil-inspired dissension to those accustomed to being 'right'.

And I do think that environmentalism poses direct and probing moral questions.