Where I'll Be On Saturday

I'm going to be here. I'm kind of hoping some of you will be too! I'm going to be giving the first of several talks I'm doing in the next few months about bioregional food security - what it is, how regional issues connect to the larger world, and how to build it. This weekend I'll take on my own area, the Capital Region of NY and on June 2 (more info coming soon) I'm going to talk in Newburyport about the North Shore of Massachusetts, where I grew up.

Meanwhile, the reskilling festival is going to be awesome! I'll be there in the afternoon with my husband and kids for a while, and I hope to see some of you there!


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Oh, would I love to be there!!!! But I'll be helping out closer to home with a group trying to encourage the development of better skills in this area.


Where I'll Be On Saturday

I would love to go. I really think you should talk more about bioregional food security. People need to understand things like that.