Open Farm Days!!!

Ok, have you always wanted to come to see the farm? Here's your chance. On Sunday, May 22, we're having an open farm day from 10am to 4pm at our place at 43 Crow Hill Road Delanson, NY 12053. We're about 45 minutes west of Albany in rural upstate NY.

We will have baby goats to pet, baby rabbits (hopefully), chicks and ducklings, milking and scything demos, some kid activities (if we can get them to do any activities, rather than just racing around and playing in the creek ;-)).

I'll also have books, vegetable, herb and flower plants, eggs and herbs for sale, and maybe other stuff as well. We'll also have time just to talk to people - and that's the best part of all this!

Hope to meet you there!


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I would love to see your farm and I sure could benefit from a scything demo but as I live 3116 miles + 1404 yards away and it would take me 2 days and 4 hours with no sleeps (thanks Google maps)to get there I will have to decline your lovely invitation. But I would really like to be there.

Well, my drive would be slightly shorter than Julie's, only one day and 23 hours. As much as I'd like to come see, it'd be a bit of a drive.

Would love to drop in except that "dropping in" wouldn't be happening since I'll be in Alaska. At at 4361 miles, I'd need eight days to get there and back if driving; much longer if by boat and train.

But thanks for the invitation!

By Kerri in AK (not verified) on 23 Apr 2011 #permalink

Kerri, I thought you were going to walk it, to save energy!


Sharon - except that currently I'm still in SE England. Even if I could walk, it's the swimming part that would do me in. But you never know; I might just appear on your doorstep someday (hopefully to coincide with a future open day).

By Kerri in AK (not verified) on 25 Apr 2011 #permalink

I am not so far from you! I think I know what I'm doing on 05/22!

I have 1 concern. when you said you were going to have baby bunnies to pet (hopefully). does that mean your rabbit hasn't given birth yet? if not do you think it would be the best thing for the children to pet the recently delivered babies? now i am not telling you how to run your farm i am just a concerened bystander :)