We Have to Cancel Our Open Farm Day ;-(

Crap. We've had so much flooding (not the house, thankfully, but the creek has breached its banks, the driveway is flooded and the barn has about a ton of much-needed ;-P mud added to it) that I have to cancel our planned open farm day this Sunday. We're just not going to be in shape for it, and I'd be too worried about stuck cars and kids not familiar with the property near the creek. Profuse apologies for all of you planning on coming - this sucks - and there's more rain in the forecast.

Still, no harm done, we're way better off than those near the Mississippi, and we'll plan another event for July or so! Sorry to disappoint, though!


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I pray that you and yours remain safe, and that shelter is provided for all that you are beholden to.

Blessed be.

I've noticed a lack of reporting of flooding in the New York and New England area, being overshadowed by the flooding along the Mississippi.

I have strong memories of my father scooping about a foot of silt out of our sugarhouse one year after the brook not only overflowed its banks but the six foot wide culvert under the main road, running down the driveway and pretty much washing the entire driveway into the building.

Good luck.

By Lyle H. Gray (not verified) on 19 May 2011 #permalink