Helping Folks in the Northeast Recover


A number of you have requested information about where to donate to in order to help folks in the northeast who are recovering from the floods. Please do donate if you can - there's a lot of need out here, some of which is evolving as it finally dries up and the sun comes out! There's a long slog ahead of a lot of folks here.

For Vermont Farmers, NOFA VT has put together a farmer emergency fund to provide grants for farmers who lost crops and livestock.

(BTW, I'm more than a little stunned that NOFA-NY has absolutely nothing on their website about NY farmers, flood relief or anything else, much less any fund that I can find. That's very disappointing.)

The Schoharie County Community Action Fund is putting 100% of all donations to local relief in the worst hit areas of upstate NY. They don't have an online donation set-up, but you can send a check to:

Schoharie County Community Action Program

795 East Main Street Suite 5

Cobleskill, New York 12043-1436

The Vermont Community Foundation has a number of special funds for Vemont residents and farmers in need.

If you live in and around my area, State Senator Patty Richie has set up a collection drive for urgently needed goods - canned foods, diapers, formula, clothes, etc.... are all needed for those living in shelters or sheltering with friends and family. If you click through you can also see some pictures of what it looks like around here.

The Capital District Farmer's Market is collecting to help local farmers rebuild here in New York State.

The Vermont Community Fund has a number of different funds available to help out both farmers and other victims with grants to meet urgent needs.

There is an awful lot of need here - I'm very grateful for my readers' generosity!


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