More on Comments and Censorship

Hi Folks - I've gotten (rightly) a number of emailed complaints about the number of comments that are disappearing, and more questions about whether I am censoring comments, or moderating them.

Other than a few occasions for egregious attacks on other posters or sucking up my time until I had no other choice, I don't censor comments. The reason your comments are disappearing and being marked as held for approval is because of Science Blogs - there are a number of technical problems with my blog that SB has basically not been able to fix (and some of them affect other blogs) - the idea is that we're all going to move platforms soon and they will be resolved - I certainly hope so.

If your comments disappear, I will liberate them from my spam filter where about 1/3 of all comments and any comment that contains even one link automatically go. The problem is that I'm not online every single day, and I do apologize if you have to wait to have your comments set free. Nothing I can do about it except to hope the platform migration comes soon...they've been saying soon for three months now ;-P.


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It's all a pain in the neck, to be sure. One thing I DO hope the people at Science Blogs will avoid- PLEASE don't "improve" the format so that it becomes really Beautiful, Powerful, and - useless.

I haven't managed to fight my way into the new and improved Automatic Earth yet. It's probably not that hard- but- I can't read the new format, either; or follow the conversations- and you know what? I just really don't want to fight that hard... to learn to do something that used to be dead simple, and , um, automatic...