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I have more to write, but it may get done tomorrow, or maybe after Rosh Hashana, depending.  Right now I'm just recovering from the frantic compulsive worrying and cleaning the preceded my annual home inspection to remain a foster parent. I shouldn't have worried, but I do - our way of life is sufficiently different from that of most of the caseworkers that I never know how they will take it, but it went fine.  They are far more worried about my smoke detectors and how many beds we have than they are about anything else, and they never notice that I scrubbed under the washing machine (as far as I know, the first time in 11 years that's ever happened ;-)), but I have to make myself insane - it is part of the rules.

Life is good here.  I'm behind on my canning (duh, when haven't I been) with a bushel of tomatoes and two of red peppers to deal with, but those are happy problems.  Baby Z. is growing and thriving - he's become a smiley, giggling baby.  At 2 1/2 months old, he's a real darling, and a complete joy.  His case is moving slowly, so we have no idea what's going to happen, other than that he will be with us for at least a few more months.  He's an easy-going, sweet-natured little guy.  His sleep is getting better, and thus, so is ours, and we're just thoroughly enjoying having a baby again.

The older boys are Z's entourage - they snuggle him, play with him, feed him, and often are there picking him up before he even makes a sound.  Having a baby with four older sons, all old enough to help, is a real delight.  They can all change a diaper and make a bottle.  Simon, who is a baby person, is particularly adoring of Baby Z.

Eli transitioned this summer from his old school to a new one - this was a big deal for a kid with autism who doesn't like change anyway, and who had been in the same school since kindergarten (he's 12 1/2) and it has had its ups and downs.  By and large he's doing well with it, but I think he still thinks that this isn't his real school.

The other boys are also doing well - they learned to sew this summer and are making a quilt together, we're working on a historical timeline, and Simon is excited to start preparing for the national spelling bee.

No new placements, so much has gotten done cleaning out, organizing and working on the new book.  I've been busy doing radio interviews for _Making Home_ and of course, putting food by.  It is time to get in the hay, plan next year's goat breedings, plant garlic, stack wood and also begin thinking ahead towards the winter to come.

It was a tough garden year here with the heat and drought - newly ready for flooding, we were unprepared for the driest year I've ever seen here ;-).  Still, lots of hot peppers, tomatoes and green beans have been keeping me busy - and happy.  I'm looking forward to the New Year to relax and recover a little from a busy summer, and enjoy the shift towards the cooler season and new beginnings.

L'Shana Tovah, all!


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Shana tova Sharon! May it be a beautiful, healthy, and restorative year!

Blessed Be and keep living in the Light!

Not his real school? Heck, I still don't think this is my real life.

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