Hubble/Spitzer CfP extended

If you haven't been reading you e-mails, the Hubble call for proposals that expired last friday has been retroactively extended until Feb 9th so people can try to revise their ACS proposals to use WFPC2, or to edit out use of ACS parallels, or to submit new science, including additional proposals to use NICMOS, WFPC2 or FGS. Or theory/archive proposals.

Out of the almost 750 proposals received, almost 500 were primary ACS proposals. Ouch.
In addition there are several multi-year large ACS surveys under way, like Julianne's - also the hunt for type Ia SNe at high redshift to detemine dark energy, and gamma ray burst followups.
We're also only half way through cycle 15 of Hubble, so about half the ACS proposals currently selected will not be executed or be incomplete.

This is moderately catastrophic - at the level that 100+ postdoc positions could be at risk and a number of graduate students.

Spitzer has also extended their deadline until Feb 16th to accommodate observing priorities and plans for joint use of HST and Spitzer.

Ouch. Ouch.


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I go on vacation, without email or a newspaper, for four days and the world ends.

At least I get a two whole extra days to work on my Spitzer

By Brad Holden (not verified) on 31 Jan 2007 #permalink