Grauniad of America


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Joe the Plumber h/t deLong Wonder if the dood ever heard of slashdotting
Iain M. Banks "Matter" - a Culture Novel: Feb 2008 Orbit Books. h/t Brad
John McCain's website is puzzling: The "Decision Center" shows a four tab banner: Decision Center General Election Obama & Iraq Golf Gear It really is a link to on-line sales of "McCain Golf Gear" It is still there, eight hours after TPM noted it. Strangely the John McCain Store, linked…
I liked it, anyway, enough to clean it up. Perhaps better in context: Echo Park Time Travel Mart (via TS's feed). And the Victorian iPods are good, too. Via CIP, who feels for the suffering rich, a good piece from Krugman (which is itself really from Brad DeLong) Rat Race America. On why those who…