Obama blog challenge for August

Amount of August blog check will go to Obama

Seed pays us SciBlings to blog: not a lot, beer money, not living wages, and definitely not retire-at-thirty kinda dough.

This is an academically oriented blog, and, to be honest, the summer months are a slow period.
Both for readers, and for me.
Too much travel, real life etc. So, I need some motivation to keep on bloggin'.

Now, I am not a US citizen, so I don't vote for President. But, I do live in the US, I pay taxes here, and my kids are growing up here. So, you could say that I have a pro-active interest in the elections.

So, my wife, who is a US citizen, offered that she would make a donation to the Obama campaign to the amount of my blog earnings for August. Strictly as a challenge, an amusing way for her to determine a donation amount.
Challenge to you, dear readers.

I'm not saying Obama is my ideal candidate - I heard his speech at PSU, and was impressed, but I am less impressed by his current political triangulations and positively dismayed by his stance on the FISA Amendment Bill.
But then nobody is perfect...

So, I, in turn, will try to keep content up during August - I'll aim for at least two actual science posts per week, and something posted every day, on average - I do have some travel during the month.

Oh, the donation is capped at the maximum donation level for individuals, just in case traffic reaches Pharyngula like levels or something.

I'll probably put up a sitemeter on friday so y'all can keep track of me, and provide positive feedback to clickthroughs.


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