Thanks a million!

In the midst of all of the PepsiCo #SbFAIL events of the week (here and here are my two contributions), I totally missed checking in on my blog traffic statistics this week. But every Saturday morning I get my weekly e-mail report from SiteMeter, the service I use to track how y'all get to the blog, what search terms you use, etc.

i-082a21f5ebf733c1af56b354b38bb5d1-One Million Pageviews.jpg

Yes, sometime during the week we drew our one millionth pageview since starting up here at ScienceBlogs four years ago last month. It's small potatoes compared with other bloggers at the network, some of whom draw a million page views every two weeks or two months. But your support and readership is greatly meaningful to me, even more so after this week of intense self-examination of why I blog and why I blog here.

No need for any congratulations but I would be appreciate if you'd go over to my post asking about you and your interests so I can be responsive to what you find useful and not-so-useful here.

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However, do these stats include RSS feeds? Because while I read all your posts (and a fair number of other blogs), its largely via RSS and I rarely go directly to the blog site.

Just hoping you're getting credit for *all* the visits.


By A. Nonymous (not verified) on 10 Jul 2010 #permalink