KITP: CoRoT and Kepler

Status of CoRoT and Kepler missions is reviewed at the "Exoplanets Rising" workshop at the Kavli Institute, we'll see if there are any news.

CoRoT is up first. Magali Deleuil presenting.
Kepler next with Bill Borucki.

CoRoT nominal mission ends tomorrow!
Extended missions to end of March 2013.
Some camera trouble on CoRoT - done 13 observing runs.
75,000 light curves from long (60 d) stares, 50,000 light curves from short (25 d) stares.
Lots of fun stars doing their funky stuff.
There will be a lot of CoRoT primary science, not just planet detections.
The astroseismologists are really having a good decade methinks, there will be some fundamental advances from that, what with MOST and Kepler also.

150 planetary candidates, 50 of which have transit depths less than 3 mmag (0.3%)

Interesting scatter of candidates at less than 1d to about 4d orbital period with transit depths of 1-3 mmag - these would sub-Neptunes mostly (depends on size of star of course - CoRoT can only get to this sensitivity with bright (

Radial velocity confirmation using usual suspects, lots of HARPS time.
FIrst to reject contaminants, like binary blends, duh, then serious followups to try to find planet signature - as before knowing phase of orbit helps a lot.

Slides have good overview of individual confirmed CoRoT planets.
Diverse lot - usual bias to low density hot giants.

CoRoT 8, 10, 11 in prep to be submitted.
Interesting - especially #8 - teasing hints on slide.

Kepler is now up.
Only reveal preliminary results from first 43 days of observations.
300 planetary candidates, sounds like this will be repeat of AAS winter meeting announcement.

Yes, yes it was.
Some interesting hints in the discussions about upcoming things.
Need to listen between the lines.


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Thanks for these updates. spectacular stuff

Waiting with baited breath for the slides and videos to appear (while busy catching up with last months Kavli workshop videos). Kudos for blogging it live. I'm especially interested in what Sotin has to say about GJ 1214b tomorrow.

yeah, me too.
With the big intro reviews coming to an end, I'll have to slacken the pace - be more randomly selective on which talks I blog for the rest of the week. Just can't maintain the pace.

I also need to catch up on the weekly talks, heard some had interesting news in them

Great updates! Any news regarding when post 43 day Kepler findings might be announced?? Also, could you blog a little more about what you heard "between the lines"?? :) Thanks!

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