"Computational Complexity and Fundamental Physics"

Summer continues, and the public lecture series on physics continues a pace at the Aspen Center for Physics with Dr. Catherine Heymans of the University of Edinburgh talking today on the "Dark Side of the Universe".

The talk is part of one of the three workshops currently taking place:

  • "Testing the Laws of Gravity with Cosmological Surveys"
  • "Emergence, Evolution and Effects of Black Holes in the Universe: The Next 50 Years of Black Hole Physics"
  • "Entanglement Matters"

    the public talks are recorded and will, eventually, be available online courtesy of Aspen Grassroots TV, in the meanwhile, for your viewing pleasure, here is Prof. Scott Aaronson's DeWolf Public Lectures on "Computational Complexity and Fundamental Physics", given in conjunction with the Winter Conference on "Advances in Quantum Algorithms and Computation"

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