All Roads Lead to Rome

Roads to Rome

All roads really read to Rome All roads really read to Rome

moovel lab makes funky maps,
go play

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Whether or not you like maps, if you're in Boston, you should see this exhibit. The Boston Public Library's Norman B. Leventhal Map Center has an incredible exhibit of New England maps, "Boston and Beyond: A Bird's Eye View of New England." All of the maps are realistic in that every street and…
Via Alexis Madrigal's Mississippi explainer at the Atlantic, this beautiful map of the Mississippi's historic meanderings is like a carelessly draped cluster of silk ribbons. Madrigal says, If the Mississippi were allowed to do what it wanted, what is now the Atchafalaya River would become the new… / Science fiction and fantasy / Blog posts / Goodbye, Dortmunder: Donald Westlake's Get Real "There couldn't really be a conclusion to these books -- what could it possibly be? The gang will just keep on forever looking for one more job to keep them going. The regulars in OJs will keep on…
was playing at the Soho, just stone's throw from Arigato Sushi, dontcha know... they're really quite good, if you like harmony driven funky reggae folk poppy rock... Anyway, Goodland got to get some youtube vids out there guys they were opening for Mama's Cookin' not bad, not my style though