Curious Gifts from Chaotic Utopia


Are you looking to tell someone to "adapt" this Christmas? Or perhaps you’ve been seeking the perfect gift for the nerd in your life, one that merges science and art. In either case, you’re in luck.

The Chaotic Utopia Curio Shop has just opened, after much anticipation. Just in time for the holidays, the shop (via cafe press) has an odd variety of gifts in addition to the Adapt Fish stickers. There are fractal t-shirts, jewelry boxes, clocks, and even an "I see fractals in my coffee" mug.

So, wether you’re looking for last-minute stocking-stuffers or just like looking at fractal art, come check it out. There is still time to have gifts shipped in time for the holidays, but not much--don’t wait!

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Hey Karmen,
These all look wonderful! I sell science items from fun and toys to lab supplies, but don't have anything like your selection to promote awareness. You are really doing your part! Keep up the great job!
Dave Briggs :~)