Fool Me Twice

My review of Shawn Otto's new book, Fool Me Twice
Fighting the Assault on Science in America
, is up over at the relatively new sustainability-oriented blog/resource site, Planet 3.0. Here's how I start:

Shawn Otto is a big name in the campaign to restore science to its rightful place as a major player in the public sphere. He spearheaded the first "Science Debate" effort in 2008 to get the presidential candidates to address scientific issues, and has been working, tirelessly but not entirely successfully, it would seem, since then to keep the home fires burning. The frustration that comes with failure -- the best the group could do back then was elicit written responses to a list of science-oriented questions from Barack Obama and John McCain -- evidently got him thinking about why Americans care so little about science. Fool Me Twice is the result.

Like the books that preceded this one (Chris Mooney's The Republic War on Science, Al Gore's Assault on Reason, Mooney and Sheril Kirshenbaum's Unscientific America and Randy Olson's Don't be such a scientist!), it's long on description and short on prescription. The subtitle, Fighting the Assault on Science in America, implies the latter...

Whole review here.

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