You can help a student science blogger get a scholarship

You may be aware of the $5000 scholarship for students who are science bloggers.

Now the 10 finalists have been announced and you should go here to cast your vote.

I have initially nominated (and will vote for) Jenna (Jennifer Wong) of Cyberspace Rendezvous which is, in my opinion, the best student science blog around at this time and I hope you vote for her (but I cannot blame you if you choose Shelley instead).

What are the techie blogs doing on that list I have no idea. I do not think those are science blogs, but I am not running the contest. So, do your part to help a real science blogger beat the techies and get the money! Go now!

Update: Now I have looked at all 10 finalists! Why did I think this was for science bloggers? Only three are (Jenna, Shelley and and we should all go and vote for thenm because the rest are...well, two I still have no idea what they are about after skimming the front page and sidebar, one is blogging friggin' religion on Vox, one is a DailyKos diarist (is a Kos diary really a blog?) and the rest are techies. Why is Paul Stamatiou on there? He's been on Technorati's Top 100 list for, like, ages and probably rakes in more than 5 grand per year via blogads. He can also summon the greatest avalanche of readers to vote for him and sweep the board and leave the better bloggers in the dust. So, post the link to the vote on your blogs, please, and urge your readers to go and vote for Jenna.


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Thanks :)

By Erin Monahan (not verified) on 31 Oct 2006 #permalink

Coturnix, where did you get the idea it was a contest for science bloggers? There's no mention of science (that I can find) in the contest set-up.

Also, the voting part is a bit silly, because voting won't make a bit of difference: once you've assembled the finalists, the winner will be the one with the largest readership.

Which means the DailyKos guy is going to win, end of story.

That is how I first heard about it. As I said in the Update, it appears not to be so. Also, I was thinking more in terms of undergraduates who are ahead of their peers in depth of thought and quality of writing. Heck, I am a grad student, but it never occured to me to nominate myself. Even if all science bloggers in the world pull for Shelley or Jenna, there is no way to beat the Kossian or Stamatou.