My Bloglines feeds are functioning again, so it's time for me to start updating my blogroll, as the one linked on the sidebar is woefully out of date. What I am going to do is post here the blogs I have, one letter at the time, more-or-less one letter a day or whatever time I manage to find to do this.

Today, here are the blogs I subscribe to that have titles that begin with numbers (or symbols):

10000 birds
2 cents worth
2 sides 2 ron
3 Bulls
3 quarks daily
90% True

What I want you to do (after checking the blogs I link to) is give me links to other blogs starting with the same letter (or, today only, numbers and symbols) that I have missed so I can take a look and consider for inclusion. And it's fine if you are days, weeks or months late - I get comment notifications, so this can work indefinitely into the future.

Then, once I have assembled blogs starting with the first couple of letters of the alphabet, I'll try to remember how to place the new blogroll up top, behind one of those cute little grey buttons right underneath the banner. Afterwards, it will be just a matter of updating it on a regular basis. In the meantime, you can keep checking my old blogroll linked on the sidebar.

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