Cool Clocks

Considering the name of this blog, you may not be surprised that I am a sucker for clocks and watches. If I had more walls and more money, I'd collect them by dozens (hundreds?). Grow-a-Brain has been collecting links to sites showing all kinds of clocks.
i-728837619a360bf7e5ddfd85c7229310-tarantula clock.jpg
I wish I could have something like this, this or this for the house and this for the pocket.


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This is where we should have gone for beers last night....
A clock is supposed to tell time. Furthermore, it is supposed to do it accurately and precisely. These days, it is not too difficult to build a mechanical, quartz, digital or atomic clock that is marvelously accurate and precise. But if a clock is not so good, it will have a systematic error, i.…