We need to get this guy funded and elected!

Never again: Brad Miller on Darfur by Bob Geary:

......I decided one other thing. I could no more imagine Liddy Dole performing in public the way Brad Miller did at Pullen than I could see her admitting that the Bush administration has been a disaster in every conceivable way. Dole doesn't see any mistakes, or at least she doesn't admit them. She's put her energies, since getting elected to the Senate, into Republican politics and nothing else, including fronting the National Republican Senatorial Committee. If she has ever gotten up in front of a small interfaith group and openly agonized about a world problem, as Brad Miller did Thursday, and literally begged the group for their ideas on how to move forward, well--but Republicans like to deal in certainties, not complexities. And Dole, the couple of times I've encountered her, can't stand to be questioned, let alone question herself out in the open.

And Miller? He's a soul-searcher who can't help but show it.

A Miller-Dole campaign would offer about as sharp a contrast as you could hope for, not merely between Democrats' policies and Republicans', but between the real, awful issues we face as Americans and the cosmetic unreality of the way we've managed to avoid facing up to them for too many years.

Bring that on.

Who will challenge Elizabeth Dole?

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