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Yes, it was quiet for a while there, but it seems that change and disruption are inevitable in the world of science blogging. Welcome to Yet Another Science Blogging Community: Occam's Typewriter. Apparently born amidst much controversy and drama, it's a new community formed mostly (all?) from…
November issue of the Mendel's Garden is up on VWXYNot? Pediatric Grand Rounds 2.11 are up on Aetiology Friday Ark #163 is up on Modulator The 143rd edition of The Carnival of Education is up on What It's Like on the Inside.
Charles Darwin's research and writing on Evolution and related topics is still very much alive today, modified and expanded on but only in a few details replaced. Here is a selection of writing about Darwin and his work to be found on this blog: Darwin and his Formative Fieldwork 2008-02-13 Charles…
Carnival of the Liberals #41 is up on World Wide Webbers

Thank you for the link, it is much appreciated! I view my blog as a valuable training exercise for a future career as a freelance writer (early planning stages so far). Any feedback is always welcome!

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