Breaking News: PLoS ONE Managing Editor visits the Chapel Hill office!

Yup, Chris Surridge, Managing Editor of PLoS ONE (and the author of the legendary comment) swung by the Chapel Hill office last night. Since my initial stint was in the San Francisco office, and Chris is working in the Cambridge UK office, this was the first time we met in person. Much fun was had by all. The pictorial story under the fold:

After I picked Chris up from the airport and let him drop his stuff off at myplace, we went to my office in the wonderful La Vita Dolce, where Chris went wild with the camera taking pictures of me sitting at my table pretending to work:

i-9be95d1a1bed832b8929f3ec15838b52-Chapel Hill office 1.jpg

i-722b3b03b3aaec3ad80a8dd0e386d683-Chapel Hill office 2.jpg

i-20ce002360d368e9ec3a630f9c5e017f-Chapel Hill office 3.jpg

i-e978de5c27b54bdbdeae3640c0e8619a-Chapel Hill office 4.jpg

i-3bce620239a92699ae211b2e7565fdeb-Chapel Hill office 5.jpg

i-1ca6e752817a40d881cefefb8e1790b5-Chapel Hill office 6.jpg

i-5ca7e11637229ec82a594095351b08b6-Chapel Hill office 7.jpg

Then we went to Town Hall Grill for dinner - the place where we have the Friday dinner at the Science Blogging Conference. We just heard that they quit doing the karaoke on Fridays, but perhaps we can get it back just for that one night!

Regarding the time-zone difference, Chris was ready to go to sleep, but first he had to pose with Orange Julius:

i-930c1e82e0260225cdc9795bfe23e7f2-Chris and Orange 1.jpg

i-a717e86a0bcd6e58a73364a7aebe7c29-Chris and Orange 2.jpg

In the morning, we had tea, served in Scienceblogs mugs, of course:

i-9dba2d1ab89a63d6eff0c04dd4a588ef-Chris and Sb mug 1.jpg

i-82522836fb49d2b14c0399ac356a8c92-Chris and Sb mug 2.jpg

Then, Chris, my wife and I went to Weaver Street Market in Carrboro for breakfast, where Catharine took these silly pictures of us:

i-ac32971aa57f8361edd5fa55d35ec400-At Weaver St Market 1.jpg

i-2a1af43831d623625cdf3ba2bf2a5e57-At Weaver St Market 2.jpg

We had to end the visit back at the office, with yet another delicious latte at La Vita Dolce:

i-2162589e93395e0f24657031feb27a11-La Vita Dolce 1.jpg

i-9ffeb4b610ccf52f84b9ad54d8e167e1-La Vita Dolce 2.jpg

i-e66cfcd7219373cfafbf07b48553be1f-La Vita Dolce 3.jpg

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